FD-PT uses DVRT Ultimate Sandbags in all of our workshops and custom training programs. The flexibility of DVRT Ultimate Sandbags allow for fitness anywhere, anytime without the costly investment in overpriced gym equipment. DVRT Ultimate Sandbags are the perfect tool for people of any skill level to get healthy and maximize their body’s efficiency.

One of FD-PT’s most invaluable tools in our arsenal are the various resistance bands provided by ResistanceBandTraining.com. Nearly all of our workshops incorporate these fantastic implements and are great for experts and novices alike. These bands are world-renowned and we are excited to be affiliated with such a great company!

Many in the firefighter community may recognize the name Paul Conway Shields and they should: for years they’ve been manufacturing the best firefighting gear in the United States. The BlastMask Training Regulators is one of FD-PT’s most valuable training tools, simulating real-world SCBA breathing without the budgetary drain. FD-PT is proud to be affiliated with such an innovative and legendary company.

We have programs that will help you perform with greater efficiency, reduce the likelihood of injury, and maximize performance in the field. From the individual responder to department-wide training, we have you covered.