That’s right BE MEAN everyone! What does it mean to BE MEAN?

It means to BE MEAN JOE! Some of you will remember, some of you will not some of you will never have been born when it actually happened but there was an amazing commercial that came out many MANY years ago that featured the BIGGEST BADDEST FOOTBALL PLAYER at the time nicknamed MEAN JOE! Well it all starts off with… just watch the brief clip below…

If you ignore the fact MEAN JOE and the child are essentially props for selling a product that has been connected to diabetes, obesity and poor overall health, there is a great and fun message you can find in it! What is that message?

YOU HAVE INFLUENCE and an IMPACT on people around you. Here we see a young boy who clearly looks up to JOE who is on his way out after struggling and fighting during a football game as well as is clearly in need of some rest. However, once he realizes the child is there he is willing to stop and pay the child attention. When this happens he receives something (ignore) and in turn he finds a means to give something. This is great but quick question…

Yes this is a commercial and yes it is scripted but somewhere in there we can find that there is a message that we can keep take back for ourselves. That is the message to take time to acknowledge those around us and BE MEAN! community t12

As a Captain in the 53206 zip code, one of the area with the highest ratio of male incarceration in america, I am privileged to walk into homes where people immediately look up to me. Why? It could be because I am a symbol of confidence, I speak with a command presence, I am muscular or it could be that I am a biracial male who is in a position of authority. Regardless, there is something that happens when a child really sees you and sends you all the non-verbal cues that they want to connect.

This has been overwhelmingly obvious over the years. Some children don’t even know I exist or care while others are willing to stop and give me their full attention. It is then that when I am aware of this I have a responsibility to do something with those moments. Sometimes my crew and shift are able to do a lot sometimes we aren’t. But one thing is very easy for me to do. GIVE OUT A BRACELET!

The Milwaukee Survive House has been responsible for teaching kids to get out of house fires safely for many years. You can find out a lot more about it right here –

What they also do is give us bracelets that we can give to kids! They are cheap but provide something special for the public. These bracelets are things that I have wear often so that when that moment comes that a child clearly gives me their undivided attention, I AM READY TO SATISFY THAT! In fact, I found myself wearing it past my shift and into filming for the BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10!


The BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 is your video based program made of 10 movements for 10 minutes designed so you can move better, feel better and BE BETTER! While this video based program can be yours when you send your email to that is simply a minor point to this post.

The point is that you have an influence on the people you are around whether you like it or not. WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THAT? Are you able to see when someone is offering you their full attention? What are you going to do when that happens?

There are lots of things you can do when this happens. But a few things remain true…



How you do this is up to you. What it means for me is paying attention to what I am doing and how I am doing all while knowing the influence I have on those around me and then making the most of that influence even if it means taking 3 seconds to give a bracelet.


So…find your  way and find your influence and then find how you can BE MEAN!



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