What is a culture? What is makes a culture? Culture is great and you are part of culture in everyday living for example…

If you are driving a car – YOU MIGHT BE A MOTORIST
If you are drinking coffee – YOU MIGHT BE A STARBUCKS FAN

If YOU ARE American in the living room what are you in the bathroom? You’re… well just watch the video below!


Cultures are amazing for what they provide us. One thing it provides us is a DEFINITION. It gives us a name and an identity! However, a definition cause us to segment ourselves into simplifications that never do us justice. We end up saying ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’ in a way that is confining, it’s restrictive. So what do we do? Do we ignore the benefits a culture gives? Do we comprise who weALEX ATTENTION are and so we can fit in a ‘box’? NO! We need to return to the roots of what makes a culture great while maximizing all the amazing things that make it so important! The individual! YOU!

You are part of several cultures! Look at your social media profiles, hashtags and what not. You are part of all of those things but they don’t do you the justice of who you are because you are greater than a…

  • Drop down item selection
  • Profile picture
  • Hashtag

YOU are YOU! You are beyond definition. You are beyond the confinement that a box selection in your dating profile can give you! YOU ARE YOU! So…


This is the core value and mission of training to BE DYNAMIC! The value of YOU and all the things that make YOU…well… YOU! You don’t have to be restricted and confined to ANYTHING! You can BE FREEto BE YOU! Training to BE FREE to BE YOU is literally the first step to training to BE DYNAMIC! By training to BE FREE to BE YOU, YOU will see that you can BE YOU in a way that doesn’t restrict you from continuing to BE YOU while still giving EVERYONE that same power! What’s been amazing to see over teaching fire departments, police, medical professionals and more that the power of training to BE FREE to BE YOU is done in a way that allows you to BE INCLUSIVE regardless of your fitness level. YOU can BE YOU and you can BE YOU while turning to your neighbor and say BE YOU in a way that compliments everyone in the room! It is from there though that we can’t be satisfied!

Thankfully we don’t stop here! We continue further in the process in a way the builds on the greatest things a culture provides. What is that? SUPPORT! Support is what makes every culture grow, develop and progress! But an interesting question comes up!


Every culture is progressing somewhere and where it is going is the fundamental question we need to ask of every culture we are a part. Some cultures growing towards money, domination, control and/or sustaining the culture itself at all costs. This is wrong! This is unaccepted and once it is recognized within a culture you have a moral obligation to question it’s core values and then decide if you are going to continue to proceed accordingly or if you are going to find your own way. What should a culture progress and develop toward? Great questions! MAN! You are really an active listener! Honestly, that’s something you have to decide for yourself. It’s not something anyone can say, ‘THIS needs to be the objective of every culture.’ What can be said though is that the growth, development and progress of training to BE DYNAMIC is rooted in supporting you to BE YOU so that you can…


This is it folks! This is our direction! This is the focus of what we are growing towards TOGETHER because when you take time to BE A BETTER YOU, you are providing something powerful to the whole so that others within can BE BETTER TOO!

Your growth will influence the growth of others. When you get better you are supporting others to BE BETTER! When others get better they are supporting you to BE BETTER! The growth, development and progress of growing to BE BETTER continues to mount and build like… well… like a FLAME!
This is the core value of what it means to BE DYNAMIC! While BE DYNAMIC Training, is committed to supporting you to BE YOU and to BE A BETTER YOU by providing you practical AND a tangible way to do that through our programs, mission and philosophies through the BE DYNAMIC in a way that isn’t isolated and confined to fitness alone! Instead when you train to BE DYNAMIC you’ll begin to see connections that you have never seen before in fun and exciting ways!  If you are one of the +700 people who have attended a BE DYNAMIC workshop, workout or seminar then you understand what it means to…

BE FREE to BE YOUKB Deadlift





What’s really exciting is that you can BE A BETTER YOU in ways that aren’t even fitness related! Take one small thing, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant it may seem that YOU can BE A BETTER YOU!  You can even share it by sending an email to jponder@fd-pt.com where we’d love to hear what small thing you are doing to BE BETTER. In fact, here is a video of some weird explaining how he is going to BE BETTER between now and MARCH 31st! Take a look and it is going to BE GREAT to share with you all how it goes… *gulp*

BE DYNAMIC Training is here for YOU! To support YOU to BE YOU and then to BE A BETTER YOU! Reaching out is as easy as a click away and we are more than thrilled to provide you practical and tangible means to BE A BETTER YOU as you learn how to train to BE DYNAMIC!





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