Crisis in The Fire Service!

The fire service is in a state of crisis. Did you know that….

  • Firefighters are 1450% more likely to be injured than non-firefighters
  • Strains and sprains are the leading cause of firefighter injuries
  • Injuries remain unchanged over the last 35 years

One major contributing factor continues to plague the fire service causing OUR firefighters to get injured.


Inactivity continues to be a major issue in the fire service. Much of OUR day consists of being stagnate with occasion interruptions. Even in OUR activity it is limited to basic movements that don’t prepare US for the needs Wilke reachingWE have as firefighters. As a result, OUR firefighters have poor flexibility and limited ranges of motion in a way that leads to STRAINS, SPRAINS and which lead the fire service in INJURIES!


MOVE! By helping OUR firefighters MOVE in ways that will increase their flexibility and improve their mobility, WE will have helped them move forward in safety and performance! But is it enough to just MOVE any random way? NO! You need
quality programming, coaching and instructing that will help YOUR members in a more specific fashion! It is for this that I’m excited to bring to you BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10.


BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 is 10 movements FOR 10 minutes broken into 2 sections (BE PREPARED and BE RESTORED) giving YOU carefully orchestrated movements arranged in a way that will help meet the unique and unexpected demands YOU have as a firefighter. This programming will give YOU endless ways to address common flexibility and mobility issues, so YOU can start to not only feel better and move better!

See the first half of the BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10BE PREPARED!


Several departments have been using it with great success. It has positively influenced firefighters to not only start feeling and moving better but to begin training their health more and also to initiate the first steps to begin a health and wellness program. I am so excited to be able to share with YOU this progressive videos series that will help YOUR firefighters move towards health!


To BE DYNAMIC, means YOU and YOUR department continue in the amazing aspects that make the fire service great and simply incorporate movement into it! That’s it! Not change just movement! Here are two simple ways you can do exactly this!BE RESTORED PIC

  1. Simply perform BE PREPARED and BE RESTORED during YOUR day by watching the videos and moving along with them. The instructions will provide YOU a means to learn the lessons of safety and performance to reinforce the benefits of healthy movement providing YOU with a deeper understanding of the WHY’S‘ to help YOU move forward!
  2. Designate a member to learn the movements and lead YOUR group to BE DYNAMIC! This informal approach will combine the camaraderie that makes the fire service great while adding movement to it! Then when YOU find yourself ending rigorous activity after training, or other means of high activity use the BE RESTORED program again to allow yourself to come back to a healthy level of normalcy!

Every 2 weeks YOU and YOUR department will receive a new BE DYNAMIC 10-4-10 to keep YOUR development and progress fresh, enjoyable and consistent!


All you need to do is reach out to me so we can learn how to best assist YOUR department to give you true growth and development as we move together to improve safety and increase performance!

Contact me at to BE DYNAMIC today!




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