8/13/2016 was a night like none other. Tragic news, turned into 7.5 hours of active firefighting as a Fire Captain of the Milwaukee Fire Department. I can vividly recall pulling up to see heavy fire showing on a store front and then looking to the south seeing an auto repair store fully involved in flames only to look in the other direction and see heavy smoke showing from the BMO Harris Bank. This was the start of the night on 8/13. A night to never forget.

During the night of 8/13, the Milwaukee Fire Department responded to 74 fires across the entire city. With several second alarm fires occurring throughout the night, countless car fires, dumpster fires and garage fires, my company participated in active firefighting from 2300 until 0530. Throughout that time, we continued to take P.A.Rs for a personnel accountability report insuring that all members were accounted for and safe. It got me thinking, Does your department have Firefighter Fitness P.A.R? Is your department training to improve the health of it’s members to bring injury prevention and a successful outcome? Does it provide you with the education to be sure you can perform safely on the fire ground? You can receive this training for FREE! You can be a part of FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 for FREE making sure that you and your department have FIREFIGHTER FITNESS P.A.R!


At any moment, you could be moving and working for an extended period of time just like we were on 8/13. This is why you need to be sure that you are training health to improve safety successfully. Tragically firefighters are 1450% more likely to get injured than non-firefighters with fire ground injuries being overwhelmed by strains/sprains and slips/falls. These are things you can train for! You and your department can be successful in reducing injuries by having FIREFIGHTER FITNESS P.A.R with training that is PERTINENT, APPLICABLE and RESULT PRODUCING.


There are tons of ways to improve your cardiovascular ability, strength, power, endurance etc that provide benefits to firefighters. However, the needs firefighters have are incredibly specific. These specific needs are difficult to replicate using common training methods. To prevent injury you need to fulfill all those specific needs. This is why I train firefighters how to use the T.A.C.T.I.C training model to be confident their programming and training caters to firefighting. The first T of the T.A.C.T.I.C training model acronym stands for TRANSFERABLE SKILLS. Every training firefighters do needs to develop habits that transfer directly to the emergency. Rather than training exercises, train for tasks. In FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1, you’ll conduct intricate needs analysis of common firefighter injuries during activities, assessing systemic areas of inefficiencies, break them down to isolated elements and then integrate those elements together properly for increased safety. In this FREE workshop, we’ll conduct needs analysis’s for a number of firefighter specific actions. You’ll also be receiving 80+ tutorial videos as well as 30+ training programs you can implement right away!


Immediate training application creates sustainability. Failure to do this will only turn your training into perishable skills. The training you’ll receive from FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 will give you immediate application for sustainability. You don’t need to wait for a $30,000 or 10,000sq foot facility. You’ll learn in FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 how to use  affordable and versatile Resistance Bands, Ultimate Sandbag and Pike Pole/PVC piping in any environment to take you away from injury and towards safety!


All training should produce a desirable outcome. If it doesn’t it then it was a failure. Failure can happen for a number of reasons but when you diligently implement and utilize the training system you’ll learn during FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 you’ll have the opportunity to experience the same 57% injury reduction rate and $1.3 Million savings experience here in Milwaukee. These are results that benefit the firefighter, the fire department and your municipality. Who would have an issue with these results? These aren’t just numbers though. This is your friends, your co-workers the people that you have known and cared about for years! This is YOU! You can experience these same results by attending FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 for FREE

FREE FIREFIGHTER MOVEMENT SAFETY TRAINING #1 workshop is being conducted in Brookfield, Nennah and Stoughton this fall. If you are interested in how you can be a part of this PERTINENT, APPLICABLE and RESULT PRODUCING training email me at jponder@fd-pt.com or visiit www.FD-PT.com and click FREE WORKSHOP to sign up.

Making sure that you are prepared for the unexpected is essential. You need to be ready for a 7.5 hours of active firefighting. You can do this by making sure that you, your brothers and your sisters and your department have…FIREFIGHTER FITNESS P.A.R.



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