Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training wants to give you a gift! On December 24th we’ll be giving a Paul Conway Shields (PC Fire) $35 gift card as a present nicely wrapped to one lucky recipient. Of course, Christmas presents are known to come wrapped. All of you get the chance to “unwrap” the gift of a “Healthy Holiday Habit” that you can use this season. By doing so, you will get the opportunity to win that gift card!

For your chance to win, simply read the article below, which provides the benefits (and clues) to what the healthy holiday habit is. Then, all you have to do is email your answer to before December 24th for your chance to win. Let’s unravel the answer to the “Healthy Holiday Habit” that everyone should embrace:

Increases Real Family Time!
When the holidays come around it means seeing family you don’t typically get to see. You’ll be able to enjoy them in a way that you usually don’t get to during the year. When food is served, we tend to grab our plates and sit in one spot for an extended period of time. However, we often sit in the vicinity of only a few people, which prevents us from spending time with so many others. This isn’t bad, but it reduces our ability to talk with that family member or friend who made the special trip to see you.

Instead, you can use this “Healthy Holiday Habit” with everyone during this valuable time. When people are eating they are typically captivated. Eating in a seated position leaves them with little opportunity to get up and check in with everyone. However, by using this health holiday strategy, you’ll be able to see as many people as you want while deciding how to prioritize your time.

Reduces Eater’s Remorse.
This “Healthy Holiday Habit” will also allow you to not only talk with your family members, but also get a preview of the food options. There is something special about food coming out of the oven. It looks new, fresh and introduces new aromas into the area. What’s your natural reaction to all of this? Hunger! Salivation! Excitement! Expectation!santa-hat-blog
These are all great natural reactions to the wonderful sights and smells of holiday food. We load up our plates in great expectation. All too often we are left with two scenarios. 1 – We have way more food on our plate than we intended or 2 – we are left with something that isn’t good or bad, but just ‘ehhhh.’ What do we end up doing? EATING THE WHOLE THING! Cleaning our plates is a cultural habit that carries over to the holidays. The result is a lot of unintended weight gain. With this easy strategy, you’ll reduce eater’s remorse but you’ll also be able to ask your friends and family about the food in order to find out what to try first!

Make Intentional Choices.
Again, when the food is presented we are taken back by the amazing sights and smells. It creates an intoxicating effect. That intoxicating effect has us reacting on impulses that often cause us to grab food without thinking or reasoning with what we are getting.

Thankfully, this intoxication will wear off with time. So why not take advantage of this. First be aware that this is going to be the case. When the food arrives you are going to want to immediately devour it! But also know that this is going to cause you to act impulsively. Know that this impulsiveness will pass. Allow that to dissipate. Allow that to fade. That way you can truly make intentional choices.

So what’s the Healthy Holiday Habit you should embrace? Email your answer to to be entered to win that $35 gift card to shop Paul Conway Fire’s store. All emails, right or wrong will be entered for a chance to win the gift card. Plus, everyone will be given the correct Healthy Holiday Habit of course! To increase your chances of winning, check out Healthy Holiday Habit #1 and Healthy Holiday Habit #2 originally posted on


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