Healthy Holiday Habit #2

The holidays means great food! However, that also means that sometimes it can stray you from your fitness climb. Thankfully you can use simply habits to stay on your fitness climb without sacrificing food and family. You can also get a $35 Paul Conway Shields Gift Card in the process!

Holidays also means unwrapping presents. Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training has wrapped a $35 gift card to Paul Conway Shields just for you. So not only is your present an easy to use healthy holiday habit but it is also $35 gift card waiting to be unwrapped by you! Read the article below, figure out what the healthy holiday habit is and submit your answer to All answers will receive the correct healthy holiday habit and a chance to win the $35 gift card to Paul Conway Shields. So let’s learn the benefits of the second of these 3 healthy holiday habits to help you unwrap this gift!

Portion Control

You’re at your Nana’s for the holidays. You are reminded of how thankful you are for her and everyone else in your family. You look to the food and you are amazed at the options there but you know that you are going to want to reach for her china and mound it all full of the delicious flavor. This will tragically take away from your fitness climb. Everyone is in line holding their large plates and you start to grab for one. Already you can see it filled from rim to rim with flavor and excess calories. What can you do?

With Healthy Holiday Habit #2 you’ll set up an immediate portion control mechanism. Here you’ll still be able to use some form of fine china that will actually assist you by being a self-regulating portion control mechanism. Ironically, the answer is right by the deserts.

The great thing about this also is that it will reinforce the idea of grazing not gorging. When you are at your holiday gatherings you are going to have lots of food to pick from. But how can you get the flavor while minimizing the calories? Healthy holiday habit #2 will allow you to enjoy your family, friends and all the flavor without over stuffing yourself. It also will help you focus on the flavor by graving with smaller portions rather than gorging with larger servings.

So what’s the healthy holiday habit?
Did you unwrap your present? Email your answer to and enter to win a $35 from Paul Conway Shields. All emails, right, wrong or no answer will be given the right healthy holiday habit and a chance to win $35 to Paul Conway Shields Fire Equipment Store. Also be sure to check out Healthy Holiday Habit #1 to increase your chances of winning. Stay tuned for Healthy Holiday Habit #3 coming soon!


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