Fire Scene DVRT

The fire scene is chaotic and unpredictable. But you don’t have to be.

For a firefighter, nothing is ever easy. Lifting and carrying equipment on uneven terrain, while moving quickly, navigating around obstructions and others while maintaining your situational awareness is an absolute necessity. These incredible tasks are some of the most common causes of poor posture and poor movement which leads to slow degradative injuries.

With the Fire Scene DVRT program you’ll learn lifting and carrying techniques that conserve energy, enhance your performance and improve your safety in a way that can be added to your training seamlessly.

Your firefigthers be presented with 10 Tasks that have an astounding 105+ variations that will help them learn simple adjustments that will do wonders for their abilities. These variations make for accessible programming, regardless of the background and fitness level of the firefighter.

Through this class we’ll assess your member’s individual movement inefficiencies, reinforce good habits and discover proper progressions for your members.

Workshop Length: 4 hours

Materials: Access To Multiple Safety Programs, Video Tutorials, Digital Binder, Post-Test Certificate, Free Equipment for Your Fire Department, Unlimited Access to Continued Task, Progressions, and Programs, ACE-approved CEUs

Interested in this workshop?

We want to work with your fire department! By reaching out to FD-PT about the Fire Scene DVRT, you are taking an important first step in bettering the wellness of your firefighters. Please use the contact form below to request more information.

Our workshops, certifications, and consulting programs are great for fire departments, but FD-PT wants to help the individual firefighter get on the path to wellness and safety. Our Tutorial Videos distill our workshops down to easy-to-replicate training that you can do anywhere, anytime.