Firefighter heath is in a crisis! Did you know that…

  • Firefighters are 1450% more likely to get hurt than non-firefighters?
  • Firefighter injuries are overwhelmed by slips/falls and strains/sprains?
  • Firefighter line of duty deaths have been dominated by heart attacks since 1977?

These are issues that need to be addressed immediately. However, firefighters and departments continue to wait for that special moment when everything lines up. Tragically, that won’t happen. What you need to do is stop waiting and start preparing!

When the tones go off, you respond! You get to your rig and prepare yourself for the emergency to come. We can take this same principle and apply to firefighter fitness as well.

So what should you do?

  • Start researching
    • Find trusted resources that provide powerful, credible and applicable information for you and your department.
  • Start talking
    • Make firefighter fitness a topic of discuss in your firehouse to encourage yourself and your brothers and sisters to take their health into consideration continually.
  • Start acting!
    • True change comes from action. It’s the process of taking all the things you have learned and putting them into place. This is the most critical element to change and it can’t be overlooked.

There are so many ways I have helped firefighters and their departments being the process of training health in their departments. If you are looking to prepare the process for change, reach out to me at and learn how you can improve your health and the health of those firefighters around you!


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