When I do Extended Consulting with fire departments, one of the tenets of our work is proper nutrition. With the hectic and unpredictable life that most firefighters lead, this can be quite a challenge. That’s why every Extended Consulting client goes through individualized screening and diet plans are developed by our partner, The Diet Doc.

Over at Firefighter Nation, I sat down with one of the Diet Docs, Dr. Joe Klemczewski, and we spoke about the importance of a proper diet. Dr. Klemczewksi tells me that a good diet is not one where you starve yourself:

Eating healthy means considering everything you eat. It doesn’t mean that everything you eat is healthy. One of the great fallacies that keeps people from long-term success is the misunderstanding that “good” nutrition is on or off. Unfortunately, that’s how most people diet: They starve, avoid all sugar or indulgence, and then rebound into an avalanche of bad behavior. We seem to love the extremes of eating with reckless abandon or with unrealistic rigidity.

We talk at length about healthy eating and some of the tips that can get a firefighter on the right track.

Read the rest of my interview with Dr. Klemczewski over at Firefighter Nation!


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