Shoulder stability continues to be a major issue for many people. Too often people think they have to simply accept the…

  • Discomfort
  • Pain
  • Decreased Range of Motion

…instead of addressing the real issue! There are lots of challenges centered around shoulder stability that we can address in great ways. However, one of them that needs to be discussed is that ability to pull your shoulders down and back when our arms are extended while reducing the urge to round our shoulders and/or fold our arms forward when they are overhead!

Below are pieces of a program used by firefighter Jason KosselJason workout. Along side the BE DYNAMIC Training system of training to BE MOBILE, BE STABLE BE THE F.L.A.M.E, BE DYNAMIC and to BE RESTORED.


What you see below are clips of our training where Jason was kind enough to drive over 90min to learn more about what it means to BE DYNAMIC! From there we built on top of the awesome things we have been able to do independently all while giving him a better experience of what it means to BE DYNAMIC!

With that said feel free to view the videos below which cover how Jason is going to train to BE STABLE, BE THE F.L.A.M.E and BE DYNAMIC! If there is you are looking for send your messages to for answers!





Whatever you do just look for that one small thing you can do to be better. To be better doesn’t mean you are bad or that you are good. It simply means that there is room for you to grow, mature, develop and progress in a way that can ignite something special in someone else!

So let me he ask… HOW CAN YOU….




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