IMG_1446Now that you’ve completed your training to BE DYNAMIC, you understand what it means to …


… in ways that will support you to BE A BETTER YOU! However, BE DYNAMIC Training is committed to you beyond the fun experience you just had. For that, we are awarding you with individualized BE DYNAMIC Training Profiles within the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform and access to BE DYNAMIC Training Resources!

BE DYNAMIC Training Profiles

  • BE DYNAMIC Training will award your department with a unique profile and password that they can use to reference on going information and training for future dates. Having these tools at your disposal will be essential for retaining, referring back to and also for building on top of the foundation you have just received with your BE DYNAMIC Workshop as you learn to navigate your way through the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform!
  • Log in information will be emailed to the address your members will have provided during their workshop!

log in programs

BE DYNAMIC Training Platform

  • BE DYNAMIC Training will allow you to use your profile on the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform located at There you’ll have access to additional resources and learn how you can continue to BE A BETTER YOU in easily accessible ways! Details on using the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform will be given to you and your department along with your log in information so you can use the following BE DYNAMIC Training Resources!

BE DYNAMIC Training Resources

  1. BE DYNAMIC Monthly Trainings
    • Training is an ongoing and developing process. For that BE DYNAMIC Training will supply all of your departmental members with a BE DYNAMIC Profile so they can have access to the MONTHLY TRAININGS for you and your department. These continuous monthly trainings will remind your department why their health is important and what they can do to BE BETTER in their health and fitness. BY covering an array of topics, your firefighters will learn more and more about how they can improve their health in a way that will positively influence how they perform their profession!
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  3. BE DYNAMIC Fitness Programs
    • Your department will also receive BE DYNAMIC Fitness Programs they can use to improve their fitness! These come with descriptions explaining the reason behind the program, videos and descrptions of the movements/exercises, and easy to replicate step by step directives.
  4. BE DYNAMIC Mentoring
    • The fire service is great because of mentoring. That means developing forward in a progressive way so that you can do great things. BE DYNAMIC Mentoring is no different! By providing you with email and video assistance, your BE DYNAMIC leaders/trainers will receive on going assistance in coaching, cueing, correcting and communicating the BE DYNAMIC Training program in ways that will improve their understanding of the needs of firefighters. This can be utilized through email or by using the contact instructor tab on the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform.
  5. BE DYNAMIC Progress Program
    • In addition to receiving mentoring, your department will receive an opportunity to optimize their program by providing feedback in a way that will generate real results! This means conducting BE DYNAMIC leader/trainer check-ins as well as progress surveys for your members to express how BE DYNAMIC Training can BE BETTER for them!
    • Your department will also have an opportunity to participate in the BE DYNAMIC Personal Progress Program where members can measure and gauge their success in a way the will show tangible evidence of the success they have accomplished in their training. Using the BE DYNAMIC Personal Progress Plan and Evaluation Process, your department will have the opportunity to show where your members are and how far they have come in a way that is directly connected to the needs and demands of firefighters!
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  7. BE DYNAMIC Growth and Development
    • To BE DYNAMIC you need to grow and develop by being DYNAMIC! This is simply the first step to a providing your department with amazing resources that allow your members to grow into something more! Some of the additioanl resources you can receive include…
      • BE NUTRITIOUS Training – Healthy Eating Habits for a enjoyable lifestyle is key to building on the progress you’ve begun in continuing to BE DYNAMIC!
      • 8 Week Fitness C.L.I.M.B – A personal and intense 8 Week Progress Program designed to support individual memebers in nutrition, training and health education!
      • POINTS to PONDER – Correcting misconceptions, misinformation and misunderstandings in a way that will highlight the truth about health and fitness in fun and easily accessible ways!
      • Discounts on Fitness Equipment – Learn how you can receive amazing and affordable tools for your department or it’s members at a reduced cost simply for being a part of the BE DYNAMIC Training Program!

Now that you are training to BE DYNAMIC let’s continune to move forward with these training resources using the BE DYNAMIC Training Platform!

Questions, Comments, Considerations? You know what to do! Contact Jordan Ponder at or click CONTACT INSTRUCTOR anytime on your BE DYNAMIC Training Platform!