Fitness from a Firefighting Perspective

If there is one thing that is clear about us as firefighters, we speak the same language. There is a commonality in conversation, mindset and understanding that transcends your department or your role. It is being able to talk along these lines that has been my aim in training health and improving safety for the last 13 years and is what I bring in all of our FD-PT Workshops. It is this fundamental mission that I am bringing to FDIC 2016 and my class LONG TERM INJURY PREVENTION being held April 22nd 1030-1215

As a result it is a pleasure to be able to share how the world of firefighting and fitness directly intersect in a way that helps to drive fundamental and advanced concepts home for firefighters. It is when we have these understandings that we can gather the real importance of health and better grasp the more complex concepts of anatomy, physiology, biology and more.

So what does that look like? Contact me to see how you can have a workshop conducted for your department! As you do that, read my article for Fire Rescue detailing how I present and teach core fitness principles from the firefighter perspective.

Join me at FDIC 2016 and learn how you can develop fitness from a firefighting perspective using our T.A.C.T.I.C training model.




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