That’s right folks! You can be attend an FD-PT workshop for FREE!

You understand the importance of your health and the health of your firefighters just as much as I do. For that, it has been a pleasure of mine to help firefighters improve their health and safety over the last 13 years. But in today’s economic climate it can be challenging to fulfill that given current financial restrictions. Thankfully, FD-PT is able to bring you this training for FREE! Come learn the same system that has helped save the City of Milwaukee $1.3 Million by reducing firefighter injury claims by 57%. Attending this workshop will equip you to conduct firefighter needs analysis for firefighting specific tasks, how to use our exclusive T.A.C.T.I.C training model and LCAN instructional cuing while giving you nearly 100 tutorial videos to take back to your department.

So what do you do now?

  • Sign Up!
    • Let’s meet in person! While I enjoy being able to interact with the hundreds and hundreds of you through email, video chat and the phone, nothing beats the meaningful interactions we could have in person. Let’s do this! Let’s actually get to interact. Let’s meet up for this training!
  • Bring a buddy!
    • How do you go into a fire? 2-in 2-out! This provides additional accountability and protection. Take this same approach to this training. While the information is easy to follow there is no question that you’re going to miss something you wish you hadn’t. That’s why 2-in 2-out is so effective. Between you an your buddy, you will have all the information you’ll need to apply  the FD-PT system into your department and your own training. Besides the cost for one of you or both of you to attend is the same…. FREE!
  • Tell your brothers and sisters!
    • Maybe you can’t make it. That’s a true shame… However, you can share the event with others in your department or other departments. This way they can share the information with you! The only difference is.. they’ll get a chance to win $150 worth Lululemon Athletic Clothing that you won’t. So yeah… basically just for attending you can win $150 worth Lululemon Athletic Clothing.

Now you know the action to take below you’ll find the dates, locations and sign ups for the FREE workshops as well as the associate Facebook event pages!


9/20 – Brookfield, WI (2100 N Calhoun Rd, 53005)

Brookfield Workshop Sign Up

Brookfield Facebook Event Page

10/6 – Neenah, WI (1080 Breezewood Ln, 54956) 

Neenah Workshop Sign Up

Neenah Facebook Event Page

10/11- Stoughton, WI (401 E. Main Street, 53589) 

Stoughton Workshop Sign Up

Stoughton Facebook Event Page


See if you are a CVMIC member by clicking the link below. If you aren’t you can still attend! Even better yet, let’s work together to see how we can bring this money saving, firefighter protecting education to the departments in your area!

Take care all and be great!



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