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In firefighting, we use the buddy system for safety and accountability. Working in pairs is critical just like your your workout clothing shorts and shirt.  We’re giving away an $150 worth of Lululemon shirts and shorts to one subscriber one subscriber on June 30th and it could be you! All you need to do is be a subscriber to this blog by entering your email in the ‘subscribe for updates’ box and you’ll automatically be in the running to win this incredible super set of workout clothing.


Super set is doesn’t just describe the clothing from Lululemon but also refers to 2 exercises performed back to back
before resting for a brief period of time. There are lots of benefits to this performing workouts like this. Super sets make your training very efficient so you get more completed in a short period of time while allowing recovery for certain muscles and functions while engaging others. Additionally when you super set properly, it helps to create a balance in your training when you select actions that complement one another while maintaining an elevated heart rate.

Here you’ll find a video that details one super set that you can use. IT takes into account all the intended benefits of super setting in a way that is applicable to us as firefighters. Follow the instructions in the video and be sure to operate at an appropriate intensity level. Do this super set 2-4x depending on your fitness level. It’s fun! It’s effective! It’s efficient!

Somethings are work best in pairs. Firefighters, workout shirts and shorts and the right exercises are just a few of these things. So, use the buddy system as a firefighter, get and stay subscribed to FD-PT to win the Lululemon workout clothing and use Fire Ground Carrying and Moving Super Set #1 to prepare for the fire ground!

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  • Nikki

    Awesome! Thanks! I need to incorporate more crawling into my workouts.

    • Jordan Ponder
      Jordan Ponder

      Crawling is a fundamental movement in firefighting and also a great way to train total body integration, core stability while increasing your cardiovascular efficiency! The best part, there are so many different ways to crawl.

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