$35 PCS Gift Card – Healthy Holiday Habit #1
The holidays means great food! However, it can stray you from your fitness climb. Thankfully you can use simply habits to stay on your fitness climb without sacrificing food and family. You can also get a $35 Paul Conway Shields Gift Card in the process!

Holidays also means unwrapping presents. Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training has wrapped a $35 gift card to Paul Conway Shields just for you. So not only is your present an easy to use healthy holiday habit but it is also $35 gift card waiting to be unwrapped by you! Read the article below, figure out what the healthy holiday habit is and submit your answer to jponder@fd-pt.com. All answers will receive the correct healthy holiday habit and a chance to win the $35 gift card to Paul Conway Shields. So let’s learn the benefits of the first of these 3 healthy holiday habits to help you unwrap this gift!

Manages Hunger

Large meals are synonymous with the holidays. When that holiday comes around you can expect a wide spread of food to pick from. With this expectation you can pre-plan your approach to addressing this. One thing that always influences our eating habits is hunger. The hungrier you are the more you’re going to eat. What you’re going to eat is what is available and readily accessible. If you’re hungry and holiday food is there you’re going to eat a lot of it. By using this healthy holiday habit you’ll manage your hunger without bringing your own food while giving yourself sustainable fuel.

Sustainable Fuel

Your fitness climb needs to prioritize healthy nutrition. This means the proper balance of lean proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. These food options are what will give you sustainable fuel for long lasting energy. Additionally, these food options will help to support proper metabolic functions to get you a few rungs higher on your fitness climb. While incredibly beneficial, these food options are not the highlight during the holidays. With this strategy you’ll be able to get the sustainable fuel you’ll need for your fitness climb but still enjoy the flavors of the holidays.

Satiable Flavor

When it’s time to eat holiday food it is so important to be able to fully enjoy it. Being hungry many times gets in the way. Because of excessive hunger many people tend to load up their plates it due to the immediate desire they are experiencing. Not only are you going to load up your plate, but you are also going to eat incredibly quickly without really truly enjoying your food. What a tragic thought! All that hard work and effort to put together holiday flavor and it just gets scarfed down!

However, with this healthy holiday habit, you’ll not only manage your hunger but you’ll also allow yourself to be patient as you are eating your holiday flavors. Being able to eat slowly will allow you to enjoy what you are eating in it’s entirety. This is so important as you truly savor all the effort that went into giving you the food on your plate this holiday season. What this healthy holiday habit you’ll be able to avoid the need to eat so quickly while enjoying the benefits of eating patiently.

So what’s the Strategy?
Do you know the answer? Email your answer to jponder@fd-pt.com and enter to win a $35 from Paul Conway Shields. All emails, right, wrong or no answer will be given the right healthy holiday habit and a chance to win $35 to Paul Conway Shields Fire Equipment Store.


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