When you are fighting a fire, temperature is everything. It dictates the stage of the fire and if you are mitigating the incident. This is one of the many reasons why the Seek RevealPRO with its -40 to 626 degrees fahrenheit detection range is so beneficial. Its high resolution thermal sensor with 300 lumen flashlight and 1,800 ft. range work to help you bring control to chaos.

Similarly, your body temperature is so important for safety as well. This is why the warm-up is critical when you are preparing for a company drill, training, or training health with a workout. Some of the benefits to warming up in addition to raising your body temperature are:

  • Increase Blood Flow
  • Prepare Mind For Activity
  • Increase Muscle Elasticity
  • Reduce Likelihood Of Injury

The OFFICIAL BODYWEIGHT TRAINING PROGRAM will provide you with just that. As a Paul Conway Fire e-newsletter subscriber, there are two options available to access this program for FREE! This program comes with a warm-up using 4 accessible movements that anyone can do, 10 different exercise with 30+ progressions and 4 great stretches for the cool down to help you return back to your daily activities with great mobility and flexibility. Here’s how to get FREE access to the program:

1. Your purchase of a BlastMask from Paul Conway Fire will automatically include access to the Official BlastMask Bodyweight Workout. There is also a Special BlastMask Holiday Package available here until 12/6/16. OR

2. If you already own a BlastMask, or simply want to workout without the training regulator, email me at jponder@pd-pt.com. Offer ends 12/6/16.

To see an example of one of the many movements in the Official BlastMask Workout program, click here. Be Great & Be Dynamic!


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