You are choosing safety or injury everyday. Unfortunately, many firefighters are choosing injury through slow degenerative trauma as a result of poor movement mechanics. Sadly, most aren’t even aware this is their choice but instead think they are choosing safety. Being unaware of your own weakness and not working on them are two things that we can be addressed. This requires the right eye and the right program. This is the focus of all FD-PT workshops! By showing you how you can replicate fire ground movements using affordable and versatile equipment, I’ll be able to use my 13 years of training firefighter fitness to see what areas you are weak in and what programming is right for you! Let’s do this! Let’s work together to help you and your firefighters choose safety with a workshop. I’ll give you a personalized approach to choosing safety. In the meantime, there are two areas that continue to plague many firefighters that you can address today!

Two of the most common areas of weakness for firefighters that lead to injury are immobile hips and a weak core. When you have these two issues, you begin to rely on your lower back to do more than it is intended to. If you are a subscriber to this blog and want to learn more specific ways to improve your hips and core stability with easy, accessible bodyweight exercises, email me at  Every request will receive free video tutorial on movements that you can do anywhere! Don’t hesitate! Choose safety now!

In the meantime, here is one of my favorite exercises to increase hip mobility while increasing core stability. The Ultimate SandBag Front Load Squat is an absolute must for every firefighter. This exercise is great for countless reasons. A few of those are that it…

  • Trains you to adapt to versatile loads
  • Increase leg power
  • Develops proper posture
  • Engages your abdominals and glutes
  • Opens your Hips

The Ultimate Sandbag is one of the best pieces of equipment for firefighters who are choosing safety! Make the choice! Choose safety with proper programming through an FD-PT workshop, emailing for tutorial videos and using The Ultimate SandBag Front Load Squat today!

Interested in learning more about the DVRT System and The Ultimate SandBag? Email me add and I’ll tell you so much more about this incredible system.

Are you going to be at the Perform Better Summit in Rhode Island July 15th to July 17th? Come check out the FIREFIGHTER FUNCTIONAL FITNESS Lunch hour workout with me and Jordan Ponder’s FD-PT! It’s sure to be a great time!


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