Firefighters need to be able to move safely and properly. Tragically, firefighters are plagued with low back and shoulder pain that put them in greater risk for injury. You don’t have to settle for this. You can move better with the right training! You can improve yourself by training to BE MOBILE!

To BE MOBILE means being able to move your body the way it is intended to. It’s about being able to move WITHOUT PAIN so that you can move…

  1. Firefighter Demo(5)

    Your joints properly

  2. Multiple Directions

  3. Your entire body together

These are all fundamental and critical elements that every firefighter needs regardless of your fitness level. Whether you are a top tier athlete or an entry level beginner you need to BE MOBILE and you can achieve this with the BE MOBILE 40!

BE MOBILE 40 is your program to help you maintain your joints to operate as they are meant to, assist you in operating in multiple planes all while teaching you to get your body to cooperate properly! This is the most critical element of what you need to be at your best. BE MOBILE 40 comes with 40 all original videos and 10 unique programs designed to help you move better, be better so you can be at your best! By equipping you with accessible yet challenging movements or exercises, you’ll be able to use the BE MOBILE 40 in order to…

  1. Start your shift off right

  2. Better prepare for firefighter training

  3. Warm up for your workout

  4. HAVE FUN!

    Bird Dog 2

One of my favorite was to help increase you BE MOBILE is with the Bird Dog! It’s a great way to help improve..

  1. YOUR Core Strength

  2. YOUR Range of Motion

  3. YOUR Ability to resist moving


How do you do it?

As you are on all fours driving your hands, knees and toes into the ground for a STABLE FOUNDATION you’ll find that as your reach out your right hand and left foot away from yourself that your body wants to fall. Resist this motion by maintaining a STABLE CORE (muscles attached to the spine) and STABLE SPINE (ability to keep your back straight). Once you’ve reached as far from your body as you can, pull the elbow of your reaching hand and the knee of your kicking leg towards each other making effort to make them touch. As you do this generate tension in the muscles attached to the SPINE by allowing your body to support the movement by pulling in strongly. After you’ve completed that, reach out again and then return those limbs to the ground just before you alternate sides.


It would be great to share it with YOU! Here are two ways you can do that…

  1. Purchase the BE MOBILE 40 at
  2. Email me for the private link to this specific movement video program

Thanks again for allowing me to be part of your fitness climb! It is a joy to be able to share with you my passion for YOU expressed through fitness!




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