Risk vs reward analyses are a critical aspect to firefighting which dictates what we do! We risk a lot to save a lot, risk little to save little and risk nothing for what is already lost. But how does this translate to training health for firefighters? How can we take this thought process to change the tragic trend of firefighter injuries and line of duty deaths?

Risk = Cost

On the fire ground, our currency is our safety. If an action or scene is dangerous and there is nothing to be gained, we don’t put ourselves in harms way. Firefighter fitness programs continue to be postponed or even terminated because of cost. While departments continue to be bound by expenses that prevent them from taking care of their members for training health, it has been an honor to help bring them ground breaking, life saving innovative training for them with no cost at all. That means they can get training with NO RISK!

FD-PT has partnered with CVMIC to bring to WI fire departments a series of FREE workshops. These workshops will provide those in attendance with 30+ training programs and 80+ tutorial videos. Using affordable and versatile equipment, you’ll learn better ways to move and perform away from the emergency to enhance your safety!

Reward = Safety

The reward during an emergency is safety. It is the number one goal of all that we do. This is the case no matter what emergency you are at and the very reason why we do what we do. The reward for training healthy with an FD-PT Workshop is the same, SAFETY! The Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training system has helped reduce injuries by 57%. THAT IS A REWARD EVERY FIREFIGHTER AND EVERY DEPARTMENT WANTS! Safety is the number one outcome for the FD-PT system but another outcome is the cost savings it provides municipalities. However, your municipality wants to save money. The FD-PT training system has also helped save the City of Milwaukee $1.3 Million in injury associated costs. THAT MEANS THAT YOUR CITY CAN SAVE MONEY WHILE IMPROVING SAFETY! Incredible right!?!? But to top it off, this reward can be yours… FOR FREE!

Now What?
Sign up! It’s that simple. Be a part of the movement that will change firefighting safety and increase performance. The dates, locations and links for signing up are below!

9/20 – Brookfield, WI (2100 N Calhoun Rd,53005) 

10/6 – Neenah, WI (1080 Breezewood Ln, 54956) 

10/11- Stoughton, WI (401 E. Main Street, 53589) 


But I’m not in WI? How do I get a FREE workshop?

Let’s talk! There is no question that your department would benefit from this incredible training and that there are countless undiscovered ways to make that happen. Already, I am collaborating with firefighters and trainers across the country and even providing online training to a trainer from Ontario, CA and they are seeing the benefits of the FD-PT training system. However, all of these start with a conversation, an email or a phone call. Reach out and know that I will reach out as well!

I look forward to talking with you all in the future as we work together to improve the health and safety of our firefighters!


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