What is the most valuable asset to your fire department? Your firefighters!

Your firefighters execute your mission. But did you know . . .

  • Injuries on the fire ground remain unchanged since 1981
  • Strains and sprains continue to be the leading cause of firefighter injuries
  • $18,000 is the anticipated accumulative expense per firefighter injury

Injuries take your firefighters from being an asset to a liability. This makes it harder for you to accomplish your mission of protecting the citizens of your municipality while also balancing your budget. This is a sad fact among fire departments nation-wide. We believe we can help change that. Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training will help you continue your mission by training health and improving safety through workshops, certifications, and consultation.

Training Health. Improving Safety.

As a Fire Captain earning several certifications during my 12 years of experience in firefighter fitness education as the Milwaukee Fire Department’s lead peer fitness trainer, I have developed the tools and programs your department can use to succeed. My knowledge, skills, and abilities have helped me create programs that are field-tested and have fundamentally changed the Milwaukee Fire Department. In training health, I have played a key role in reducing injury claims by 57.8%, which helped save the city of Milwaukee $1.3 Million. Through FD-PT’s programs, certifications, and consulting, this knowledge, these skills and abilities can be yours.

“In training health, I have played a key role in reducing injury claims by 57.8%, which helped the city of Milwaukee save $1.3 Million.

You care about your members.

You care about your budget.

FD-PT does too.

Commitment is the first step and it is always the hardest. But with FD-PT’s experience and proven results, you will see your decision grow and mature over time. Contact FD-PT today to learn how to start benefiting your department with Firefighter Dynamic Performance Training.

Don’t have a state-of-the-art workout facility? Great…we don’t need one!

FD-PT’s workshops do not necessitate a brand-new, fully-furnished gym like some other performance training programs. Our training utilizes Ultimate Sandbags, Quantum Bands, and other tools found around the typical firehouse. Because our exercises emulate the day-to-day activities of firefighters, our programs don’t require the huge investment in complicated workout machines. A typical workout equipment setup for a firehouse costs $25,000. When you use FD-PT techniques, the total equipment cost for your firehouse is only $400. That’s quite the savings.

FD-PT is designed to work for your firefighters and your budget.

Our Workshops

Our workshops are more than just a series of best practices and exercises – they are designed to emulate everyday activities that every firefighter faces. The four workshops developed by FD-PT take no longer than four hours and involve personal interaction with all participants. These workshops are a perfect introduction to the benefits of the expertise found at FD-PT as they elicit immediate results and provide the foundation for further improvement. Get your firefighters on the right path today with one of our four workshops.

Ultimate Firefighter DVRT

This program focuses on 2 Beam Raise, Equipment Ladder Climb, Ladder Shoulder, Rescue Drag, and Equipment Demobilization.

Fire Scene DVRT

Covers 6 types of lifts, 5 different carries, as well as load transferring

Frontline Firefighter RBT

A program centered on Ladder Raise, Primary Search, Forcible Entry, Hose Lay, and Overhaul.

Aggressive Firefighter RBT

Focuses on Nozzle Advance, Hose Pulling, Ladder Climbing, Roof Pulling, Pike Poling, Rescue Dragging, Rescue Pushing, and Flat Head Striking.


Sometimes your department needs the assistance of an on-staff trainer to keep your team conditioned and ready. Our certification program trains and certifies firefighters in FD-PT best practices, allowing for your department to have the budgetary flexibility it needs to operate and a roster of healthy, efficient firefighters.

  • Performance Evaluation

  • Coaching Evaluation

  • Certification

  • Incident Development Evaluation

Extended Consulting

FD-PT can provide extended, custom-tailored consulting to fit your department’s specific needs. Through our T.A.C.T.I.C. and LCAN instructional cueing, your firefighters will learn how to make versatile, affordable equipment replicate firefighting emergency tasks to develop unconscious, efficient movement that prevents strains and sprains.

We know that your department’s most valuable assets are your firefighters, they execute your mission. FD-PT will assist in navigating you towards funding that won’t stress your budget. Already, multiple departments are experiencing how FD-PT can provide cost-savings by reducing injury claims, providing relief within their restrictive budgets.

Our workshops, certifications, and consulting programs are great for fire departments, but FD-PT wants to help the individual firefighter get on the path to wellness and safety. Our Tutorial Videos distill our workshops down to easy-to-replicate training that you can do anywhere, anytime.