Looking for an on-site solution to your performance training needs without breaking your budget?


Certifications are available to improve the efficiency and health of your firefighters.

Through Certification courses, fire departments can work with FD-PT to identify candidates who can be trained and certified in FD-PT techniques and procedures. Our certification program is a four-step process to properly equipping individuals with the skills and knowledge to elevate the efficiency and wellness of their firefighters.

While the Certification program doesn’t offer the hands-on, full-department level service of our Extended Consulting, it does offer departments a chance to see how FD-PT’s methods can make sweeping improvements among it’s firefighters.

  • Performance Evaluation

    Using our syllabus, FDPT will work with individuals to better understand the system of exercises and variations that they can then take to their departments once certified. We evaluate candidates' understanding, form, and execution of our programs before we move on to the next step.

  • Coaching Evaluation

    It's one thing to know the system, it's another to communicate it clearly to learners. FDPT will show best practices and techniques on how to properly teach other firefighters, while also analyzing and providing crucial adjustments as needed.

  • Certification

    Once the candidate has been thoroughly taught the techniques of the system and proper teaching methods, we move onto a certification test where we will put that knowledge to the test. This certification will require participants to complete exercies and scenarios using the practices taught in the first two stages.

  • Incident Development Evaluation

    FDPT's system is built to mirror the daily occurances of firefighters, and our variation-based training program allows for the creation of almost limitless "Incidents". Once certified, participants will be shown how to build custom incidents that they can take back to their departments for immediate use.

Interested in certifications?

We want to work with your fire department! By reaching out to FD-PT about Certifications, you are taking an important first step in bettering the wellness of your firefighters. Please use the contact form below to request more information.