Extended Consulting

Top to bottom, our Extended Consulting program leaves no stone unturned in the pursuit of efficiency and wellness within your department.

Extended Consulting is FD-PT’s top-tier service, reserved for only fire departments who are looking for a customized, fully-managed solution for their performance training needs. Typically, an Extended Consulting client is a fire department who are interested in lowering injury pay costs while bettering their firefighters’ wellness and safety in the process.

Our Extended Consulting is truly full-service: from day one, we will develop a fully-customized plan for your fire department that tackles challenges from budget all the way down to individual progress. Our consulting includes exclusive workshops, T.A.C.T.I.C. and LCAN training, Incident Development, Gear Correction, Event Creation, and Remote Assistance.

Depending on the scope of the work, Extended Consulting can stretch from a few months to an indefinite service. FD-PT will work with all fire departments, big or small, to increase the efficiency of their firefighters and keep them safe while also keeping an eye on the bottom line.

All of Our Workshops and More

Within Extended Consulting, we work with your department to identify which of our workshops are best suited to your team. Sometimes it’s all four of our standard workshops, sometimes it’s a combination of our Consulting-only workshops. Sometimes we even develop custom workshops to mirror your department’s needs. No matter what the scenario, FD-PT is committed to providing your department with an exhaustive and tailored workshop experience for all of your firefighters.

Ultimate Firefighter DVRT

Fire Scene DVRT

Frontline Firefighter RBT

Foundational FF

Available Only In Extended Consulting

Aggressive Firefighter RBT

Restoring Natural Movement

Available Only In Extended Consulting

Power Promotion RBT

Available Only In Extended Consulting

Fully Involved DVRT

Available Only In Extended Consulting

Unstoppable Evacuation

Available Only In Extended Consulting


FD-PT has developed the T.A.C.T.I.C. training method, which is a set of guidelines that govern everything that FD-PT does. T.A.C.T.I.C. stresses the importance of safety and reinforces good practices that will becoming a rallying call throughout all workshops and training sessions.

So what does T.A.C.T.I.C. stand for anyway?

Transferable Skills

Asymmetrical Loading

Control Prox & Distal

True Power

Irregular Implement



The LCAN Training Cue reinforces the concept that everything that FD-PT does is rooted in science. These aren’t just good exercises for doing firefighter-specific tasks: FD-PT’s program is designed to better the movement system of firefighters through sound neuromuscular efficiency training.

That sounds complicated but basically it means that FD-PT will help your team coordinate their minds and bodies. A mind and body that are in sync increase safety, performance, and energy conservation.

LCAN stands for: Location, Condition, Action, Air Management, and Needs.

Other Extended Consulting Benefits

Logistical Assistance

Extended Consulting is a large task, but don’t fear: FD-PT will handle all the logistics of getting your department in incident-ready condition. The process begins with a period of evaluation of current initiatives and the wellness of each individual firefighter. From there, we work with your department to develop a custom plan and schedule for achieving specific fitness goals.

Trainer Evaluation

The program at FD-PT is founded on the principles of adjustment and correction, and with the customized nature of Extended Consulting, we are always looking for areas of improvement within each participant. FD-PT believes that a good trainer is never done learning and improving, which is why we devote a significant part of our consulting work to consistent evaluation of certified trainers and firefighters.

Event Creation and Promotion

Once wellness becomes a cornerstone of your department, you have to think of new ways to reinforce it not only within your facility but outside of it. FD-PT will work with you to develop wellness and safety events that will attract persons within your department and beyond. By creating and promoting these events, we will be instilling a culture of wellness in your most important assets: your firefighters.

Remote Assistance

While FD-PT will be hands-on throughout the process, sometimes you’ll have some questions or need a little guidance once we’ve left the firehouse. For all of our Extended Consulting clients, we extend Remote Assistance service which will put you in contact with your trainer via email or phone. FD-PT strives to offer top-notch service, even when we aren’t directly working with your department.

Nutrition Services Provided By The Diet Doc

A solid foundation of sound performance training is made stronger through proper nutrition and an actionable plan.

FD-PT has teamed up with The Diet Doc, a team led by Dr. Joe Klemscewzski and Dr. Kori Propst, to offer our Extended Consulting clients with nutritional plans for their fire department. Each firefighter will receive an individualized plan that works in conjunction with the other work being done by FD-PT. These nutrition programs are scalable and offer weekly goals so that participants can track their progress.

Interested in extended consulting?

We want to work with your fire department! By reaching out to FD-PT about Extended Consulting, you are taking an important first step in bettering the wellness of your firefighters. Please use the contact form below to request more information.