Front Line Firefighter RBT

Being a Front Line Firefighter is the most critical role in any fire department.

With this program you will learn the motions for efficient Ladder Raising, Primary Search, Forcible Entry, Hose Laying and Overhauling in a way that is adaptable to over 210 variations. It doesn’t matter the fitness level of your firefighters will have their individual needs meet with this program.

This program is proven to improve ladder raising and primary search of your firefighters, as well as their rate of force production, rotational strength, explosiveness and deceleration control.

Workshop Length: 4 hours

Materials: Complete Safety Program, Video Tutorials, Digital Binder, Certificate, Free Equipment for Your Fire Department, Unlimited Access to Continued Task, Progressions, and Programs, ACE-approved CEUs

Interested in this workshop?

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Our workshops, certifications, and consulting programs are great for fire departments, but FD-PT wants to help the individual firefighter get on the path to wellness and safety. Our Tutorial Videos distill our workshops down to easy-to-replicate training that you can do anywhere, anytime.