Ultimate Firefighter DVRT

To be the Ultimate firefighter, you have to be at your best at all times regardless of the task you are given.

With the Ultimate Firefighter DVRT Safety Class you’ll learn programming that emphasizes the most critical skills of any fire scene. This safety program emphasizes the mechanics of:

  • 2 Beam Raises
  • Single Beam Shouldering
  • Climbing ladders with Equipment
  • Rescuing Victims
  • Demobilizing Equipment

Your firefighters will learn how to control and manipulate abnormal loads using the Ultimate Sandbag in a way that builds their cardiovascular performance, improves recovery, core stability, coordinating upper and lower body together while enhancing postural alignment during movement. Your firefighters will gain greater awareness of the mechanics needed to be safe and prevent injuries during firefighting tasks by finding their individualized efficient movements to maximum performance.

Workshop Length: 4 hours

Materials: Complete Safety Program, Video Tutorials, Digital Binder, Certificate, Free Equipment for Your Fire Department, Unlimited Access to Continued Task, Progressions, and Programs, ACE-approved CEUs

Interested in this workshop?

We want to work with your fire department! By reaching out to FD-PT about the Ultimate Firefighter DVRT, you are taking an important first step in bettering the wellness of your firefighters. Please use the contact form below to request more information.

Our workshops, certifications, and consulting programs are great for fire departments, but FD-PT wants to help the individual firefighter get on the path to wellness and safety. Our Tutorial Videos distill our workshops down to easy-to-replicate training that you can do anywhere, anytime.