Firefighter fitness is critical. With firefighter injuries remaining unchanged over the last 35 years, something has to be done fast! However there are so many things that hold departments back from training health for their departments. Some of these include…

  • Not enough equipment
  • Not enough money
  • Not enough knowledge

These obstacles have prevented the fire service from making the changes it needs to make to change the tragic trend of firefighter injuries. However there are some simple solutions!

Not enough equipment

  • It’s not the equipment that makes the difference, It’s the knowledge behind it that does. With affordable and versatile equipment such as Quantum Bands and The Ultimate Sandbag, I can teach you how to develop firefighter functional fitness in a way that will have a direct impact on how you move and how you perform at an emergency.

Not enough money

  • How much are you spending on injuries? How much are you spending on back fill? Fires continue to go down throughout the country This comes from continued efforts in fire prevention. What if we used this same approach to firefighter fitness as it relates to funding? The amount of cost it takes to prevent an injury is significantly less than the cost to care for one. Don’t just wish and hope for an injury to not happen. Train your members to prevent them!

Not enough knowledge

  • It has been a pleasure to train firefighter functional movement for the last 13 years. Over the years, I have learned from the best of the best in the fitness industry as well as those within the firefighting community. With multiple certifications and formal education, teaching nationally and providing education to over 30 departments throughout the country, I would love to share my knowledge with you! All it takes is a simple email to being the process of making health a priority in your department.

Firefighting needs a major movement to address the crisis of firefighter health However obstacles stand in the. Allow me to assist you in navigating through those obstacles in a real and tangible way.


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