Firefighter fitness requires action! However, many people tend to wait for the right circumstance and the right time in order to act. Watch this brief video below and learn how you can stop waiting and start preparing in a way that will produce true change in your health, the health of your brothers and sisters and the health of the fire service!


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  • Robert Ortega

    Jordan , what would be a good stretching routine ??? I usually will get hurt due to sprains or spasms and I also have a herniated disc .

    • Jordan Ponder
      Jordan Ponder

      Hey Rob! Great question! Stretching is the greatest need among firefighters in order to improve mobility. Sprains and strains continue to be the leading cause of firefighter injuries and one that can be prevented with a healthy mobility and stability program.

      Given your herniated disk, you should start with talking to your physician and/or a physical therapist who would be able to give you more intimate assistance. To compliment that, you could implement accessible stretches like the hip quad stretch you see here.

      Be sure to warm up before hand to ensure that you are prepared to lengthen those commonly tight areas properly. Additionally you can find some other ways to stretch on my YouTube page at the link below.

      Would you be interested at all in a series of mobility and stability drills you could conduct on your own with just your body weight? Looking to see if this would provide some benefit and value to you and other firefighters.

      Thanks and be great!

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