In order to be healthy you need a premiere facility right (the answer is No…)? You need to have dumbbells, benches, treadmills and yoga mats, right (again No…)? These amenities are incredibly common in the fire service but fail to meet the unique demands we have as firefighters and can cost up to $25,000! That is a TON of money to spend on equipment. with limited return on a large investment. It’s way too much for many departments and can sometimes causes departments to think they will never be able to afford a health and wellness program.  Thankfully you can get a proper return on investment for your fire department by earning your DVRT LEVEL 1 Certification March 5th in Green Bay, WI! Not only will you get certified but you will be providing me with the amazing opportunity to meet the many of you that inspire me so much in doing what I do! That’s right! I’ll be there and I look forward to meeting you all!

Education is the cornerstone to improving firefighter safety. NOT EQUIPMENT! This has been the case for the City of Milwaukee in reducing injuries by 57% and saving $1.3 Million in injury associated costs. Can’t beat that! So then the question remains… WHY DVRT?


In today’s economic climate money is spare. Every department throughout the country has experienced staffing cuts, decommissioning of rigs and even lay offs tragically. This causes fire DVRTfrontloadSquatTextOnly(1)departments to hold onto money very tightly and continues to be one of the reasons why they don’t invest in an integrated health program for their department. The DVRT system is perfect for fitting your budget. It is affordable and provides you with incredible versatility. The DVRT is the system of training and the Ultimate Sandbag is the product. The DVRT system provides you with countless ways that you can make a single Ultimate Sandbag meet the many needs you have as a firefighter. A 25lbs dumbbell is only a 25lbs dumbbell. However, the DVRT system and Ultimate Sandbag are unlimited options and possibilities all at a very affordable cost.


Have you ever lifted a dumbbell or straight bar during an EMS scene or during a fire? NO! Have you ever lifted and moved a dynamic, abnormal and awkward load? EVERYDAY! The Ultimate Sandbag contains 2 filler bags filled 1/2 way with sand within the outer shell. This leads to a load that is always adjusting and moving in a way that make sense to us as firefighters. The things we are moving are constantly in a state of adjusting if not sliding and falling. Consequently we need to be able to train in a way that reflects that.

With the Ultimate Sandbag you’ll be able be training your firefighters how to train for the uniqueness of the equipment we are putting into motion. This is essential in order to improve their safety and increase performance. If our training doesn’t reflect this then we are not develop transferable skills in way that will carry over to emergencies an give your firefighters benefits that will last beyond their shift!

ec-2-minTraining System

DVRT is not just a sandbag. It’s an entire training system that provides you and your firefighters with a continuum to continue your fitness climb in incredible ways. With complex movements and easy to apply progressions and regressions, you’ll be investing in your firefighters in a way that stays with them. It’s about  training the body to operate as efficiently and safely as possible. This will then allow you to operate at your most optimally during any given situation This… THIS is what is going to help you and you firefighters become safer and perform better.

So what now?

DVRT has extended an special $100 discount by following the link below and…Sign up for the workshop! Learn all the benefits of how you can take your fire departments training to the next level! Have any questions? Let me know! I’ll be more than happy to answer them!

DVRT Level I Certification (Green Bay, WI)



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